Priest Services

Priest Services

For information on priest services:

● Please contact HTBN @ 309-662-3999; Seeta Damera @ 309-826-3845; Vaishali Malpani @ 309-824-1880.
● Inquire Online using the form at the end of this page.
● Click to download – Priest services list
● Click to download – Pooja samagri list

Reservation Guidelines:

● Priest services can be availed at home or at the temple.
● Preferred times for Poojas is outside temple hours.
● Private Abhishekam will be offered to Utsav Moorthis only.
● Poojas should be reserved by filling the form at the front desk and payment can be made at the temple prior to
the Pooja or a CHECK payable to HTBN can be given to the priest on the day services are rendered.
● Although customary and suggested, Dakshina to the priest is a devotee’s prerogative and has to be given to the
priest directly.
● If you are planning to have more than 20 guests attend the Pooja at the temple following rental charges will
apply: hall rental for Pooja, dining area if food is served, kitchen if used.
● There is a travel charge of 50 cents per mile, limited to an area of 20 mile radius around the temple, to be
paid to the priest directly.
● For Poojas involving travel beyond the 20 mile radius please contact temple authorities for availability and


● Please adhere to the times listed on the reservation and have all the preparations made prior to the arrival of
the priest.
● Please have all the items ready as per the Samagri List.
● After the priest arrives for the Pooja please do not make him wait since it will disrupt his schedule.

Please help us reduce waste and take care of the temple facility by:

● Cleaning carefully after the Pooja.
● Taking back ALL the items brought to the temple for the Pooja including but not limited to grains, sugar,
honey, fruits, flowers, fabric, towels, Naivedyam offered etc.
● Limiting the use of Deepams and Agarbattis to the priests, in the priest’s presence, and in the assigned area.
● Children are not to be left unattended.
● Understanding that the Access to the sanctum is strictly prohibited.

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